Web Site Helps Schools Save on Renting Modular Classrooms

24' x 40' modular classrooms are used for 20 students and a teacher.
Typical modular classroom on
rent at a school.
Public and private schools have utilized modular classrooms - also referred to as portable classrooms for years to solve space problems on campuses of all sizes. In some cases a school will need to rent modulars during construction or renovation in order to keep classes open and accommodate students. In other cases there simply is not enough space due to overcrowding thus forcing a school to add space wherever it can as soon as possible. Regardless of the actual space problem modular buildings have provided a fast and economical solution to thousands of k-12 schools, colleges, churches and daycare programs throughout the United Sates and abroad.

"Modular building suppliers have evolved over the years and have a very good understanding of the education space market and the demands of any type of school in need of space," stated one Facility Manager at a large public school district in Ohio.

Utilizing modular buildings may be an easy solution to a difficult space problem but the tasks of identifying the amount of space needed, where to place the modular structures and how long to rent them can be daunting for any busy facility staff person. Add the seemingly endless amount of time it takes to contact suppliers, schedule site visits and review prices and the process becomes a real challenge to manage.

Modular classrooms can be rented or purchased  in the United States
Interior of portable modular
"School facility managers have a time consuming job and stopping to research and procure modular classrooms can take weeks, sometimes months. That's why we developed iModular.com - specifically to help facility managers save time and money renting and buying modular classrooms," stated Matt Banes, iModular.com founder.

Unlike most modular building web sites iModular.com does not sell modular buildings directly to anyone. This web site exists to provide free assistance to anyone in the market for temporary or permanent modular space - particularly schools. Once on the home page a visitor can complete a very simple price request form and their information is matched with local suppliers who are qualified to meet whatever the modular classroom space need may be. In minutes up to four suppliers are notified and within a few hours the person requesting prices is contacted and on their way to saving a lot of time and hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars.

If you are a facility manager, planner, school administrator or simply in charge of finding one or multiple modular classrooms try visiting www.iModular.com or contact Matt Banes at (800) 806-7484 for nationwide assistance.

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