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Should I Rent or Buy a Modular Classroom in Texas?...

Modular classroom, portable classroom questions and answers.
Rent or buy a modular classroom?

This is the most common question I answer for schools, daycare centers and churches across the U.S. - and Texas is no exception. There are many options with respect to making a modular classroom decision and your budget is a major concern, especially with annual school spending being subject to so many changes. For some public schools a long term rental is a good fit for a modular classroom while a private school may have the total funds available for a purchase.

Read this article posted on for some helpful tips if you are looking for a modular classroom for your school district, church or daycare program.

Should I Rent or Buy a Modular Classroom in Texas?

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Web Site Helps Schools Save on Renting Modular Classrooms

24' x 40' modular classrooms are used for 20 students and a teacher.
Typical modular classroom on
rent at a school.
Public and private schools have utilized modular classrooms - also referred to as portable classrooms for years to solve space problems on campuses of all sizes. In some cases a school will need to rent modulars during construction or renovation in order to keep classes open and accommodate students. In other cases there simply is not enough space due to overcrowding thus forcing a school to add space wherever it can as soon as possible. Regardless of the actual space problem modular buildings have provided a fast and economical solution to thousands of k-12 schools, colleges, churches and daycare programs throughout the United Sates and abroad.

"Modular building suppliers have evolved over the years and have a very good understanding of the education space market and the demands of any type of school in need of space," stated one Facility Manager at a large public school district in Ohio.