Can School Shootings Be Stopped?

School shootings are a complex issue, and there is no simple solution to stopping them. However, there are steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of school shootings and prevent them from happening. One approach is to improve school safety measures, such as implementing active shooter drills, installing security cameras, and hiring more school resource officers. Additionally, identifying and addressing mental health issues in students can also help prevent school shootings. This includes providing access to mental health services and support for students who may be struggling with mental health issues. Another approach is to address the root causes of school shootings, such as bullying, social isolation, and access to firearms. Schools can promote a culture of kindness and inclusivity, provide resources for students to report bullying, and work with parents and law enforcement to prevent students from accessing firearms. It is important to note that preventing school shootings will

How to Achieve LEED Certification for Your School Facility

To become LEED certified, a school must meet specific criteria in several categories related to sustainability, including: Sustainable Site: This category evaluates the school's location and transportation options, such as proximity to public transportation, bike storage, and parking. Water Efficiency: This category assesses the school's water usage, including indoor and outdoor water use, and encourages the use of water-efficient fixtures and landscaping. Energy and Atmosphere: This category evaluates the school's energy efficiency, including HVAC systems, lighting, and renewable energy sources. Materials and Resources: This category evaluates the school's use of sustainable materials, waste reduction strategies, and recycling programs. Indoor Environmental Quality: This category evaluates the school's indoor air quality, ventilation, and other factors that contribute to a healthy and productive learning environment. Innovation: This category rewards schools fo

The Top 5 School Facility Management Concerns

Top 5 School Facility Management Concerns for Public School Facility Managers in the United States Safety and Security: One of the biggest concerns for public school facility managers is the safety and security of students and staff. This includes implementing security measures such as access control systems, security cameras, and emergency communication systems to prevent incidents such as violence and unauthorized access to the school premises. Aging Infrastructure: Many public schools in the United States have aging infrastructure that requires significant maintenance and repair. This includes outdated HVAC systems, plumbing, electrical, and other mechanical systems. Facility managers must ensure that these systems are functioning properly to ensure the health and safety of students and staff. Budget Constraints: Public schools often operate with limited budgets, which can make it difficult to maintain and repair facilities adequately. Facility managers is Coming Back Online in 2023

Hello school facility professionals! This post is just a quick note to let everyone know that we are coming back into action in 2023. Our news, reports, product information, and editorial will soon be available for public and private school managers and service providers to handle school construction and management tasks with expertise and smart solutions.

Should I Rent or Buy a Modular Classroom in Texas?...

Rent or buy a modular classroom? This is the most common question I answer for schools, daycare centers and churches across the U.S. - and Texas is no exception. There are many options with respect to making a modular classroom decision and your budget is a major concern, especially with annual school spending being subject to so many changes. For some public schools a long term rental is a good fit for a modular classroom while a private school may have the total funds available for a purchase. Read this article posted on for some helpful tips if you are looking for a modular classroom for your school district, church or daycare program. Should I Rent or Buy a Modular Classroom in Texas?

Web Site Helps Schools Save on Renting Modular Classrooms

Typical modular classroom on rent at a school. Public and private schools have utilized modular classrooms - also referred to as portable classrooms for years to solve space problems on campuses of all sizes. In some cases a school will need to rent modulars during construction or renovation in order to keep classes open and accommodate students. In other cases there simply is not enough space due to overcrowding thus forcing a school to add space wherever it can as soon as possible. Regardless of the actual space problem modular buildings have provided a fast and economical solution to thousands of k-12 schools, colleges, churches and daycare programs throughout the United Sates and abroad. "Modular building suppliers have evolved over the years and have a very good understanding of the education space market and the demands of any type of school in need of space," stated one Facility Manager at a large public school district in Ohio.

First Leed-Certified Green Middle School Ribbon Cutting

ENVIRONMENTAL CHARTER SCHOOLS BRINGS COMMITMENT TO PROVIDING EXCELLENT EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES IN UNDERSERVED COMMUNITIES TO HARBOR GATEWAY NORTH/GARDENA AREA Ribbon-Cutting Celebration for New Environmental Charter Middle School Set for May 22 LOS ANGELES, Calif., May 16, 2013 – Environmental Charter Schools’ (ECS) top priority has always been to provide excellent educational opportunities in underserved communities. It has never been content to stop there, however. The network of free public middle and high schools that prepares students for four-year colleges through experiential learning and by exploring the environment as a learning tool both inside and outside the classroom also is committed to being a good neighbor and engaged community partner. To celebrate bringing that commitment to the Harbor Gateway North/Gardena area of Los Angeles, the school is holding a ribbon-cutting ceremony at its new Environmental Charter Middle School (ECMS-G). In addition to