Building pros join 20,000+ for greener schools and LEED credits

Every day, one-quarter of the American population walks into outdated school buildings badly in need of repair and burdened with airborne toxins, dwindling budgets, and outdated resources. Architects, contractors and building professionals know better than anyone that our built environment matters and, for the first time ever, these green building industry leaders are teaming up with tens of thousands of community volunteers to promote healthier, more efficient schools while satisfying LEED credits.


On Saturday, September 29, 2012, the Center for Green Schools at USGBC will lead the first ever Green Apple Day of Service, which will call on green building professionals and volunteers from across the country and internationally to participate in a service project to green a school or campus in their community. We anticipate more than 20,000 volunteers.


Expertise from building professionals is critical to advancing more efficient buildings. We are excited to offer LEED credential holders two GBCI CE hours for participating in a day of service project on Sept. 29.


As a leading voice for builders, we think iGreenBuild readers will be interested in participating in the Day of Service and learning more about the impact healthier, sustainable schools can have on a community.


HERE is more information about the Green Apple Day of Service as well as a general overview of the Center for Green Schools HERE. Rachel Gutter, director of the Center for Green Schools, and other members of the team are available to speak further about the thousands of events being planned for Sept. 29 and the overall work of the Center. Additionally, please let us know if we can provide editorial content for any relevant byline opportunities.

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