Modular Classroom Buildings - Tips for Buyers

Portable classroom suppliers offer a variety of modular buildings for use as classrooms, daycare centers, churches and office space.  If you are searching for a supplier consider the following questions during your initial meetings and calls:
  1.  Does the supplier offer leasing, lease purchase and purchase options?
  2. Does the supplier have the resources to provide you with a new, custom designed modular building or a used structure?
  3.  Is the supplier willing to make changes to the floor plan to meet your specific occupancy needs?
  4. Can the supplier assist with building permits?
  5.  Can the supplier provide services such as delivery, installation, and the assembly of a handicap ramp and or steps for accessibility?

Try as a resource for locating suppliers close to the address where you will be installing the relocatable, portable classroom. This service also helps you get the most competitive price.

Don’t forget that having a supplier with a proven track record and with some history at the local building and safety department is a huge advantage when it comes to obtaining permits for your modular school project.

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