Oklahoma Schools Commence Energy Saving Project

Performance Contract with TAC will Save District $20,482 Annually


DALLAS - June 2, 2008 - The Geary Public Schools (GPS) in Geary, Okla., are implementing $291,341 in facility enhancements designed to improve operations, comfort and efficiency in eight district facilities. The Energy Solutions division of TAC, a world leader in energy services, building automation and security, will complete the work as a performance contract with the district. TAC guarantees that GPS will reduce its utility costs by $20,482 annually when the project is completed in the spring of 2008.


Located in central Oklahoma, thirty miles west of Oklahoma City, Geary has a population of 1,200 and an enrollment of approximately 450 students in the public schools. Rising energy costs were a growing concern for the district. Because there was no centralized building control for any of the campuses, mechanical equipment and lights at the facilities were running even when the schools were unoccupied. In addition, the buildings had outdated and inefficient light fixtures and the gym lighting was well under desirable levels, leading to complaints from fans of the district's sports teams.


"TAC offered our small district a solution that would resolve our building control and lighting issues and reduce our utility expenses," said Bill Caruthers, superintendent GPS. "By making these needed improvements as a performance contract, the district can use money we are already spending to pay for the changes. This helps us control costs, which always pleases the taxpayers in our community. Having worked with TAC before to complete a similar project for another school system, I know the performance contracting process does work, and I am confident our district can achieve the results we need."


Performance contracting is a turnkey solution designed to increase the energy and operational efficiencies of buildings. Improved facility efficiency, occupant comfort, financial management and environmental protection are among the long-term benefits of performance contracting. Typically, new, more efficient equipment and upgraded facility automation systems maximize energy efficiency and generate utility savings. TAC guarantees the amount of savings performance contracting projects will achieve and agrees to pay the difference if that amount is not realized.


TAC will install a variety of energy conservation measures (ECMs) in order to resolve the problems faced by GPS. A districtwide energy management system (EMS) will provide centralized control of lighting and mechanical systems, such as heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), at all district facilities. This will allow administrators to turn off lights and shut down systems when schools are unoccupied, eliminating unnecessary utility expenses. By replacing the existing T-12 fluorescent lights with new, more efficient T-8 lighting, GPS will save money and have improved illumination. Finally, to better light the gym, TAC will convert the current metal halide lights to high-bay fluorescents.


"Increased control, improved lighting and increased efficiency are the benefits we are guaranteeing for the Geary Public Schools with this project," said Wes McDaniel, vice president of TAC Energy Solutions. "Students and school staff at will all enjoy a better learning and working environment as a result of these facility updates. Improved efficiency will not only pay for these important changes, but continue to provide savings for years to come."


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