Construction at LA Trade-Tech College Revs Up with Ground Breaking

The ground breaking ceremony for the automotive “F” ramp will celebrate the modernization project to re-locate the existing F ramp (vehicle ramp for access to “F” Building rooftop parking) to the south end of Auto-Metal “F” Building along Flower Street.
Los Angeles Trade-Technical College is embarking on its campus-changing South Campus projects, which will create a new entrance to the College with two new academic classroom buildings, athletic field and subterranean parking garage. The “F” Ramp project is an important first step to enable the main phase of the South Campus project to proceed by changing traffic access to clear space for the new structures. The "F" Ramp and South Campus projects are part of Los Angeles Trade-Technical College’s $227.6 million construction and modernization effort to enhance its facilities, funded by the $2.2 billion Proposition A/AA Bond Program, approved by Los Angeles voters in 2001 and 2003.

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