Facility Management Software Popular With Schools

I am impressed with the number of facility managers from k-12, college, public and private schools that visit SchoolFacilities.comm or read our eNewsletter and request information about maintenance management software. This is a huge change from as little as five years ago. Is this a sign? I think so!

Managing a school facility, or several of them, is a huge responsibility and with today's technology it is much easier and efficient to control components such as HVAC systems, lighting and security from a centralized location than ever before. Recently I learned about a school in Florida that is monitoring and controlling freezers in their food service area using a system from KMC Controls. Talk about putting the "freeze" on serving tainted food!

SchoolFacilities.com has a long list of facility management software providers such as TMA Systems, Micromain, WebWork, Corrigo, KMC Controls and many more listed in the sites Buyers Guide. You can read about these providers and request a call or an online demonstration with a few clicks of your mouse.

Here is a link to the maintenance management software page.

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