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The demands placed on today's facilities have never been greater. More than ever, those charged with building construction, building management, and daily operations, must rely on technologies and the people behind them to meet their facility-related responsibilities. For 36 years, KMC Controls has been designing, building, and, through our distribution partners, delivering innovative solutions for HVAC controls and building automation.

building your comfort zone
Our corporate theme reflects our commitment: “building your comfort zone.” Through excellence in product development, excellence in production, excellence in distribution, and finally excellence in support, we deliver pioneering and market-driven solutions for HVAC controls and building management.

Your comfort has become our passion. Now let us build your comfort zone.



Building Automation

The most demanding facilities require sophisticated digital control networks as well as creative thinking in energy management.

Our authorized representatives have delivered our proven line of DDC products for many years. The standard KMC digital product line includes intuitive building automation software, fully programmable Tier 1 and Tier 2 controllers, networked thermostats, and network accessories.

To meet the demand for open and interoperable systems, we also offer BACnet products. From powerful operator workstation software to advanced application controllers, these scalable systems offer building owners and management personnel maximum flexibility in implementation.

We have also taken our expertise in automation to the energy management arena. iControl, with supporting web-based services, will help you navigate the energy management highway from the driver’s seat.


HVAC Components

We understand the need for both wide product selection and convenient availability.

From analog electronic to patented designs in pneumatic, KMC offers you a comprehensive product line. We produce actuators, valves, control devices, and all the accessories your project requires. Best of all, you can find these parts through your local HVAC wholesaler.

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New Hospitality NetSensor
Designed with the hospitality market in mind, KMC Controls has developed a networkable digital wall sensor.   This NetSensor features an aesthetically familiar operation of temperature control while providing building owners additional energy savings.

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