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School Signs are the perfect advertising tool that openly invites anyone to attend a weekly school function, sporting event, or special occasions. Signs Plus offer many different makes and styles of school signs, ranging from the traditional outdoors manual sign to more advanced LED signs or electronic, lighted marquee sign. Please review our School Sign pages listed to the left to find that ideal outdoor sign to promote your school spirit, to recognize an outstanding achievement or simply to extend warm welcomes.

School Sign – Construction:

  • State of the art decorating techniques are used on the inside surface of each unbreakable polycarbonate sign face, making it impossible to damage your identifying graphics.

  • Special ultraviolet protection helps minimize yellowing due to years of intense sunlight.

  • All aluminum cabinets are structurally engineered to provide enduring rust-free service in any climate. You will never see any outdated rusty yokes on your Signs Plus sign.

  • Easily changed reader boards communicate your activities and message to all who pass by each day. Clear track is riveted to the sign face.

  • Self-locking stainless steel prop arms hold vandal cover securely in place. Protective Vandal Covers lock down securely to prevent your letters from being rearranged or stolen.

  • Signs Plus signs are built for a lifetime of service. Our installation system withstands hurricane force winds yet permits easy relocation if necessary. With our easy installation kit, most new owners do it themselves, saving hundreds of dollars.

School Sign – Lifetime Warranty
We are so confident that your school sign will continue to provide the undiminished service you expect that we provide the best sign warranty! Our lifetime warranty means that Signs Plus will guarantee the polycarbonate sign faces, electrical components and workmanship for as long as your organization owns the sign! Rocks, bricks, bottles, indeed anything short of a gunshot will not break your sign face or we will replace or repair it...FREE! A copy of our Lifetime Warranty in its entirety is included with each sign proposal.

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