First Visitor Management Software Install In Tennessee Schools
Brown Elementary Implements VSoft

By: - Sunday, January 6, 2008
Source: Raptor Technologies

Brown Elementary is the first school in Tennessee to implement the VSoft Visitor Management security system.
Raptor Technologies VSoft Visitor Tracking Software
Greg Goedeke, with Raptor Technologies, demonstrates the VSoft Visitor Management security system to Brown Elementary staff and faculty Alison Nunley, Christie Thompson and Kari Rockwell.

Christie Thompson, vice principal, said, "We are excited about this opportunity to improve security throughout the building. We will know the background information on visitors and eliminate a lot of paperwork for the staff because everything is done online."

The system, developed by Raptor Technologies, tracks visitors to the school, as well as students, faculty and volunteers.

"Visitors will be asked to present their license, which will be scanned and compared with sex offender registries," said Greg Goedeke, with Raptor Technologies. "The school can also enter other alert information, such as custody disputes. The system can then alert school personnel and law enforcement by text or e-mail if someone is on the grounds that may compromise the safety of the school."

The school will only need to see the license once, and all parents and volunteers are asked to bring their license with them when visiting the school. The program will then print a visitor badge with the visitors photo, taken from the license, the date and time of their visit and where they are going in the school.

The system was installed through a grant provided to Raptor Technologies by the U.S. Department of Justice. Brown Elementary was one of 50 schools selected by Raptor to participate in the program.

The security software is currently in 3,500 schools in 39 states. Last year the program caught more than 1,100 sex offenders visiting schools. Of those, 110 had not registered as a sex offender in their state.

Kari Rockwell, sixth-grade teacher, applied for the grant program after seeing a clip on Fox News about VSoft.

Alison Nunley, receptionist, said, "This will be great for the school. We'll be able to keep track of everyone, especially the visitors."

The program also tracks student tardies and students who sign out early. This information can then be shared with the attendance clerk over the Web site.

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Raptor Technologies, Inc. (V-Soft Software) For Student Safety
V•soft is a web-based software application that has been developed with the purpose of aiding educational facilities in tracking their visitors, students and faculty. V•soft not only provides an effective, efficient method for tracking, but also goes beyond conventional applications by utilizing available public databases to help control campus security.
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