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A Safe Wired Glass for Schools
SuperLite I-W is the first wired glass product to meet the highest federal impact safety standard, CPSC Cat. II 400 ft. lbs.
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ADA signs, exit signs, wayfinding, safety, braille and security signage.
ADA Signage For Schools & Colleges
Custom and stock signs made for k-12 and college school facility campus safety, security, wayfinding and Americans With Disabilities Act compliance.
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Handicap Ramp
Aluminum Handicap Access Ramps
Aluminum handicap access ramps designed for multiple configurations and quick installation with mobile offices, modular buildings and residential applications.
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Ameri-Fab Handicap Access Ramps
Ameri-Fab ramps are the industry standard for quality construction and durability. We manufacture ADA, IBC, UBC, NFPA5000, UFAS and OSHA-compliant ramps for both temporary and permanent use, and our exclusive Easy Knockdown™ ramps make setup, breakdown, shipping and storage a breeze. Our all-steel-constructed ramps are comparable in price to less durable wood and concrete ramps and priced much lower than aluminum.
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Steel security gates and windows.
Ameri-Fab Window & Door Security Products
Ameri-Fab has developed a number of window and door security products with your safety in mind. These include commercial grade security doors, security door panels, interior and exterior window guards, security door bars and roof ladders.
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Cyber terrorism book.
Book - Cyber Terrorism: A Guide for Facility Managers
Renowned author and instructor, Joseph F. Gustin (author of Disaster & Recovery Planning), in this new timely book, addresses cyber terrorism and other forms of terrorist activity, including mailroom security, bomb threats, and the constant attack from viruses, hackers and other invasive programs.
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Prepare and plan for disasters.
Book - Disaster Recovery & Planning: A Guide for Facility Managers, Second Edition
Gives corporate, institutional and governmental facility managers keen insight into how to prepare for a disaster, how to deal with one should it occur, and how most effectively to recover from a disaster.
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Indoor Air Quality: A Guide for Facility Managers, Second Edition
Book - Indoor Air Quality: A Guide for Facility Managers, Second Edition
This guide provides a comprehensive account of indoor air quality hazards, their sources, and appropriate solutions. Written in easy-to-understand, non-technical terms, it is designed to be used as both a ready reference and training guide for managers of all types of facilities.
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This book addresses Chemical, biological and radiological attacks, as well as other forms of terrorism concerns, such as mailroom security, bomb threats, etc., along with the necessary steps for prevention, how to assess vulnerability, how to improve emergency preparedness, and how to assure optimum response and recovery in the event of an attack.
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Emergency Power book.
This book by Michael Hordeski provides invaluable information on emergency and backup power sources, as we experience an aging power distribution system that often fails to provide reliable power.
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Facility Manager's Guide To Security
This book was written specifically to provide the facility manager with virtually all information needed to build and manage an effective security system for any type of facility.
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Video Insight Digital Video Management Systems
District and Campus Wide Digital Video Surveillance
View multiple buildings from a single display over your network or over the internet
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Energy Engineering, Strategic Planning for Energy & the Environment, and Cogeneration & Distributed
Over 500 articles from three seperate printed journals covering energy efficiency, HVAC, building systems, power quality, renewables, IAQ, and other facility issues.
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Child safety device for doors.
Fingershield Safety Device for Doors
Fingershield is a simple device that completely covers the gap that is created on the hinge side of a door when it is in the open position. Fingershield totally eliminates painful finger trapping accidents on the hinge side of a door forever.

Security products for doors and windows.
Kane Security Screens
The World's Leader in Security Screens since 1890.
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